Healthy Schools

Behavior change—getting people to increase physical activity and improve dietary intake is the prime challenge in diabetes prevention. To be effective, we must reach young children before their lifestyle habits are fully established.

Our school-based programs are at the core of our offerings. We believe they will be extremely effective in establishing a lifelong respect for exercise and healthy eating.


Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Education

Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Education

We established a two-year school-based program for diabetes awareness and prevention education with compelling age-appropriate activities for 11-14-year-olds (6-8 grades). This program, developed in partnership with NGO HRIDAY in India, uses influencers such as teachers and peer leaders to reach and educate 11- to 14-year-olds about diabetes and its prevention. The comprehensive program includes classroom and school-based activities, as well as outreach efforts in students’ homes and communities. 

We measure the program’s effectiveness through pre- and post- comparisons of the students’ self-reported knowledge, attitudes and behavior and are encouraged to learn that children reported a better awareness of diabetes and its prevention and had reduced their consumption of junk foods.  We estimate that our Schools Program has achieved 15% impact (15% improvement in awareness and health behaviors).  

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See published paper on school program results here.  

Schools Program Expansion in India

Encouraged by the excellent results, we are now aggressively scaling up our program.   Our two-year school health program has been adapted to rural India and is being implemented in 150,000 middle school children from all over India (2019).  

Our partners include – Hriday, Agastya International Foundation, Ashoka and SHARP.  

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