Arogya World’s mDiabetes program is the largest text message based diabetes prevention program in the world. With this groundbreaking effort, they have reached more than one million people from all over India with text messages in 12 languages about diabetes and its prevention, and tested the program’s effectiveness in bringing about behavior change known to prevent diabetes.

We have brought lifestyle changes to 41,000 people in India through our mDiabetes program.

The Rationale 

Mobile phones are widely used in India, throughout different geographic regions and socio-economic backgrounds. There are said to be about 900 million cell phone subscribers in India.

And we know from the WHO that approximately 80% of heart disease and diabetes, and 40% of cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyles such as avoiding tobacco use, eating healthy foods and increasing daily physical activity.  

mDiabetes was designed as a population-level nationwide public health intervention using mobile technology to establish health behaviors known to prevent diabetes.