Since 2011, NCDs have received greater attention on the world stage. 

It has also been an exciting period for Arogya World India Trust and our work to prevent non-communicable diseases.  

Arogya World India Trust has carried out the following activities since inception, in close collaboration with Arogya World:

  • We are educating 150,000 middle school children in North and South India, in government and private schools, with our schools-based diabetes prevention program.  We have worked with partners Hriday, Agastya International Foundation, SHARP and Ashoka on implementation. Our program is a 2-year program that trains teachers and student leaders to carry out class-room based compelling age-appropriate activities that teach children the importance of healthy living that can help them prevent diabetes. We estimate this program has made 15% impact based on analysis of 2-year data from a pilot conducted in 2000 children.  Additional data are being analyzed.
  • We developed criteria for our Healthy Workplace program through multi-stakeholder input –  in 2012.  We have recognized 116 Healthy Workplaces to date (9 companies in 2013, 18 companies in 2014, 20 companies in 2015, 32 in 2016, 22 in 2017 and 15 in 2018) at our annual Conferences and award events, after in-person formal Assessments and site visits.  The 116 Healthy Workplaces span 2.5 million working people. In 2016 we introduced Platinum our highest level in the Healthy Workplace program and asked for metrics and data on employee health. This pioneering program is encouraging companies in India to become data-driven around health. 10 companies in 2016,  12 in 2017 and seven companies in 2018 for a total of 29 companies to date, have been recognized as Platinum Healthy Workplaces for their attention to metrics and employee health data.   
  • Going forward we will offer all our Healthy Workplaces additional programs and services to improve the health of their employees. 
  • We completed (with Nokia) and published results from our 1 million person diabetes prevention text message program – mDiabetes, which showed about 20% behavior change impact.  We have started scaling it up through hospital partners such as Aravind Eye Hospitals in Madurai, where we are committed to educating 300,000 motivated consumers with text and voice messages in Tamil. 
  • We have developed a mobile app myArogya to help working Indians get empowered on chronic disease prevention. 
  • We have developed a new nutritional icon MyThali to show people what they should eat and in roughly what quantities, based on the National Institute of Nutrition guidelines.  MyThali has been promoted to working people in 45 worksites in 2018 and we will soon begin broad communications to persuade urban women in large numbers to adopt MyThali. 

These programs are science-based,  have been thoughtfully designed and are part of our Doorstep Health Model for NCD prevention covering all sections of society.   They have been implemented in collaboration with, and in alignment with the work of, Arogya World. For more information see and